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4R's of Life
  Spice Eco-Initiatives - 4R's of Life

We are one with our space. Everything that we do in it leaves a strong imprint making us responsible for the space we live, breathe and create in. Starting with our Spice North Greens project, we have taken this belief at the most basic level.

Eco homes in India should adopt the 4R’s - Reuse, Reduce, Renew and Recycle- at the very functionality of the commune to save the environment.

  • Reusing alternative eco-friendly building material in the long term like and is available in India, like fly-ash bricks.

  • Reducing the cost by preservation of local ecology and using eco-friendly building materials for greater comfort and using low energy devices.

  • Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, have patterns and for eco homes in India, these should be harnessed.

  • Recycling generates eco friendly energy. Eco homes in India have Bio-gas generation plant for recycling common waste.

Using eco-friendly building material and Eco-thought, Eco-sphere, Ecology literally dominates at all our projects. All facets are built into the system, so everyone living there naturally becomes a part of its practices.

This process begins early, right from the planning, to the design, and extending into the construction. It covers the entire life-span of the structure and the complete facility management system.

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